Energy Plan Process

New York State Energy Plan Process

In September 2009, a law was passed that statutorily establishes the State Energy Planning Board and calls on that Board to launch an energy planning process and to complete a State Energy Plan. The goal of the planning process is to map the state’s energy future by showing how the state can ensure adequate supplies of power, reduce demand through new technologies and energy efficiency, preserve the environment, reduce dependence on imported gas and oil, stimulate economic growth, and preserve the individual welfare of New York citizens and energy users. To support the development of the State Energy Plan, numerous white papers, forecasts, and policy documents are developed based on input from energy experts and concerned citizens.

Public Participation

Development of the State Energy Plan is directed by the Energy Planning Board, as designated in statute. Comments on the State Energy Plan are sought throughout the process from stakeholders and members of the public through the Public Comment Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. page on the State Energy Plan web site and at public hearings.

Elements of the State Energy Plan

As outlined in statute, the State Energy Plan focuses on reliably meeting projected future energy demands, while balancing economic development, climate change, environmental quality, health, safety and welfare, transportation, and consumer energy cost objectives. The elements of the State Energy Plan are further detailed in the Scoping document.