2015 Energy Plan Update

Biennial Report to the 2015 State Energy Plan

The Biennial Report to the 2015 State Energy Plan highlights the progress the State of New York has made toward providing clean, reliable, and lower-cost energy to all New Yorkers. Under the direction of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's aggressive Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) clean energy initiative, efforts have been focused on seven major categories: Renewable Energy, Building and Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy Financing, Sustainable and Resilient Communities, Energy Infrastructure Modernization, Innovation and R&D, and Transportation.

This comprehensive report outlines the initiatives undertaken in each category and illustrates the advancements achieved in each to date. It also focuses on new action items to advance the state's progress toward achieving its long-term goal of providing a positive economic environment for the creation of sustainable, clean energy solutions, and the jobs to support them well into the future.